Pedals d’Olot is a circular route of 2 days to ride in MT and in no case is a competition.
• The organization IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for any accidents or eventualities that may arise. With contracting will be included a Multi-Adventure Travel Assistance Insurance. See the: 



• So part of the route across the interior of the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa, the client undertakes to respect the natu 


Condiciones Generales

-ral environment, leading with responsibility not to damage the environment. Likewise, the conditions established by the Park Management and competent bodies will be respected. It is also committed to respecting the flora and fauna, not to alter herds and to close the steps / doors of livestock respected the indications of the owners of the lands of passage.

Pedals d’Olot is a registered trademark owned by, which can only be contracted through the Agencia de Viajes "Viatges Martí, S.L. - GC 498", located on the street Pompeu Fabra, 2. 08042 MANRESA (Barcelona). Tel. 938 727 047., from now on, Viatges Martí.
• The previous reservation can be made by completing the two forms (Personal Data and Route) of the present website or by contacting Viatges Martí. In any case you will be sent a "Booking Document" with the conditions for this purpose. In any case, the reservation will not be valid until 40% of the total amount has been paid as a "Reserve", before 30 calendar days of the date of departure and the rest of the payment before 10 days of the start date. The realization of the reservation in less than 30 calendar days to the date of departure, does not guarantee the availability of accommodation The conditions of reservation and contracting are established in the following document: 




• To ride the tour Pedals d'Olot, it will be necessary to have previously made the INTEGRALLY payment in any of the 2 PACKS and MODES available and the corresponding supplements, if any. 

• There are two modalities of participation: Basic Pack and  Full Pack.
• The BASIC PACK includes:

  • Dinner and overnight accommodation prior to the route, breakfast, dinner and lodging on the first day of the route, breakfast on the second day, possibility to shower at the end of the route on the second day, 2 nutritional supplements (gel / bar) , transport of second day luggage, assignment of a GPS with the tracks of the route (in the conditions described below), health insurance and cancellation, road map (with data and route telephones) and parking to close bicycles in the accommodations.

• The FULL PACK, includes, in addition to what is established in the Basic Pack, the lunches during the 2 days of route. 

• Also, the route can be made in "ECO" mode and in "LUX" mode.

  • Eco Mode: Accommodation in Hostels, or, if not, Pensions.

  • Lux Mode: Accommodation in categories superior to the ECO mode: Hotels ** and ***, cottages with pool, etc.

• During the Pedals d'Olot a GPS will be assigned under the following conditions:

  • A GPS device, plus a GPS support, plus 8 charged batteries and several flanges are provided for each group of 1 to 4 participants.

  • In all cases, a deposit will be deposited that will be returned at the end of the route and will only be charged if it is not returned or returned in poor condition.

• The organization offers the client the option of hiring extra accommodation for the night after Pedals d'Olot (see booking form)

• The organization offers the customer the option of contracting a extension the insurance including the cancellation insurance. See the:




• Se pone a disposición de los participantes la opción de contratar los suplementos:

SERVICIO DE ALQUILER DE BICICLETA. Contactar previamente con para confirmar precios,  condiciones, tallas y modelos.
SERVICIO DE AVERÍAS DURANTE LA RUTA. Contactar previamente con para más información.

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